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Healthcare Reimagined uses Impact Health Sharing, a non-profit, non-insurance alternative program designed with you in mind. Finally, a way to take control of your healthcare.


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You Deserve Simple & Affordable Healthcare

With Healthcare Reimagined, Impact Health Sharing delivers a modern and affordable alternative to health insurance.

In a lot of ways it acts the same as your current health plan, but it's different in the ways that matter.

Impact puts the power, the freedom, and the control in paying for health care back into your hands.

Why Impact?

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Its Comprehensive

Members experience comprehensive medical care with access to preventative, illness, accidental, injury and maternal care, as well as mental health care. Members also receive free annual wellness visits, free telemedicine, and prescription discounts.

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Its Affordable

Members are saving thousands when they switch to Impact with Healthcare Reimagined with average savings of 50-70%! Impact has designed four pricing options for individuals and families as well as special prices for seniors.

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Its Accessible

There are no network fees and no network limitations. That means, members see ANY doctor they want nationwide resulting in more choices and lower cost for you. Members can also access a doctor from the comfort of their home with free 24/7 telemedicine.

How It Works

Sharing is simple.

Each month you will pay your Monthly Share and Impact will match those funds with another member’s eligible medical expenses. We will then send the payment to the provider. If you have to visit a provider, have them send the bill to us and we’ll guide you on the next steps.

Once your family meets your annual Primary Responsibility Amount, other members will begin to share in your medical expenses.


Coverage Plans for Anyone

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Singles and Families

Pricing for individual memberships start as low as $73 a month.

Pricing for families of 3 or more start at $378 a month.

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Individuals 65+ with Medicare Parts A and B can benefit from Impact with No provider fee, co-share or pre-existing limitations.

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Small businesses, schools, and other organizations can utilize group billing to capture the benefits of Impact with Healthcare Reimagined.

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Ready to see how much you can save?

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How To Join

Joining is EASY! Simply follow the steps below and get started.

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Read the Guidelines

Take a few minutes to review the Impact Membership Guidelines and program details. It's important that you understand the healthcare sharing community that you are joining.

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Choose Your Program

After receiving your free quote, choose the PRA (Primary Responsibility Amount) that best fits your budget.

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Enroll Today

Click the link below to enroll now. Make sure you have a form of identification and are ready to fill out a health questionnaire for each person applying.

Ready to Get Started Today?

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Is Impact Health Sharing


No, Impact Health Sharing is not insurance. Impact Health Sharing is an alternative to health insurance where like-minded individuals share in each other’s medical bills. Bills are shared directly between members through individual bank accounts through a concept called distributed reserves.

Can I join anytime or is there an enrollment period?

There is no limit on when you can apply. You choose which month you want your membership to begin. Coverage starts the 1st of that month.

Whats the difference between health sharing & health insurance?

Insurance is a contract between a policyholder and a for-profit insurance company. You contract to pay expensive insurance premiums in exchange for their promise to pay your medical bills. Healthcare sharing is a voluntary, not-for-profit concept where millions of Americans connect through technology to share and pay each other’s medical bills.

What should I do when I need to go to the doctor?

Watch this video for information on using Impact with Healthcare Reimagined for any provider you choose.

How much does it


The monthly cost is based on the age of the oldest person in your household, the number of people applying, and the Primary Responsibility Amount that you choose. Get your free quote today!

Is there a deductible?

There isn't a per person deductible; rather there is a Primary Responsibility Amount (PRA) per household. The PRA is the annual household amount that you pay, before your eligible medical bills are published for sharing.

There are five options to choose from: $1,000 (65 years and older only), $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, and $10,000.

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